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July, 2018

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In College or College-Bound?

Interested in becoming a Military Aviator?


This is to encourage High Desert high school seniors and graduates interested in becoming a military aviator to apply for our scholarship for the college school year 2018-2019.


The Order of Daedalians was chartered in 1934 by WWI aviators of the Army Air Corps to "....perpetuate the spirit of patriotism, the love of country, the memories, sad and pleasant, of our service during that period (World War I) and to further cement the ties of comradeship which bound us together in that critical hour of our nation's need....” The Glen Edwards Flight of Edwards AFB works with our National Daedalian Foundation to assist qualified and motivated college students from the High Desert in their studies and in becoming aviators.


Criteria: Our Flight is looking for well-rounded, college-bound, high school seniors or current college students interested in becoming a military aviator - pilot, navigator, combat systems officer, naval flight officer, air battle manager, astronaut, remotely piloted aircraft pilot or flight surgeon.


The ideal candidate:

Has a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better,

Is a well-rounded citizen,

Is either pending acceptance, or already accepted in a college or university program, and

Has a financial need.


If this sounds interesting, contact Mrs. Chainey.


The Process: Working with Mrs. Chainey, submit an application to arrive at Mr. Mahan’s by July 1, 2018. Go to:, review the Order’s fundamentals, then pull down from the upper banner <Programs> to select <Scholarships>. Complete the form and include your photo

and transcripts. Save a personal copy, then forward the application package to:

Mr. Tom Mahan at Ph: 661-993-4820.


Your Social Security Number is not needed, and a signature is not required if you submit the application directly from the web site.


If you are unable to access the web site,

1) Coordinate with Mrs. Chainey to complete the package, save a personal copy, then attach the application package to an email, or

2) Call/email Mr. Mahan for a postal address and mail your package directly.


Contact Mr. Mahan with any questions. 


Our Scholarship Committee will review all applications, provide feedback, and select and announce the winners by late summer of 2018.


 2017 Scholarship

Share your moving stories for a chance to win $500 scholarship from Movers Corp! Whether you had a smooth, difficult or even funny moving experience, we’d like to hear it from you and award for it! People move all the time and for many reasons, and students are no exception. Everyone has a story and different experience. The main purpose of this scholarship is to help other students to avoid obstacles when relocating to a new residence.


Scholarship Details

Scholarship is available to all high school, college and university students. One $500 scholarship will be awarded each semester; totaling 2 scholarships over the school year. The scholarship could be renewed each year by submitting another entry.


The winners will be selected based on overall writing ability and the evaluation of tip/advice for students that are planning to move. The minimum requirement is that your story should include at minimum 500 words but not more than 800 words. Here is what we’d like you to cover in your story:

1. Why did you move?

2. Where did you move from?

3. Where did you move to?

4. How did you move (hired a moving company, moved yourself, rented a moving truck and etc.)?

5. How was your experience?

6. What did you learn from your move?

7. What will you do differently next time you move?

8. What is your best tip/advice for students that are planning to move?


Dates and Deadlines

  • Scholarship entries received from February 15 – July 15 will be eligible to receive the scholarship for Fall semester.
  • Scholarship entries received from September 15 – January 15 will be eligible to receive the scholarship for Spring semester.



  • Applicant must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Legal Resident of the United States.
  • Applicant may not be an associate (employee) of Movers Corp.
  • Minimum GPA Requirement: 2.5.
  • Military academies are ineligible.
  • Applicant must be enrolled in a program that is two years in length or longer.
  • Applicant must be enrolled in an accredited college/university in the United States. Visit to find out if your college or university is accredited.


How to Apply

Post your story on your page, blog or send it to in word or PDF format. The email should include some form of proof of enrollment and the following information:

  • Your Full Name;
  • Address;
  • Phone Number;
  • University attending.



The winner will receive one time $500 award. The award may be applied toward tuition, on-campus room, fees or books. Funds are provided by Movers Corp and will be mailed to the accredited college or university.

Note: retains the exclusive and unlimited right to publish the scholarship entries(including your name and University name) partially or fully on MoversCorp site or blog. accepts entries only from students whose universities have endorsed the Scholarship Program.



Bachus & Schanker, LLC Scholarship

The founders and Equity Partners of Bachus & Schanker, LLC have dedicated their practice to helping the injured and their families receive justice through the civil justice system. Bachus & Schanker, LLC and their staff of more than 70 advocate for the rights of individuals and families who suffer injury or death caused by the negligent or reckless conduct of others. They also help those injured on the job or by dangerous products. The practice also includes Social Security Disability and Plaintiff Employment Law practice groups.

Understanding the importance of a quality education, Bachus & Schanker, LLC created a scholarship meant to enable students to better focus on their intellectual development and career goals.

Students have the opportunity to apply for one of the $2000 semiannual scholarships to be paid toward tuition for the upcoming semester. Each student must write an essay about his or her opinion(s) on the importance and efficacy of the 7th Amendment. Students are encouraged to think critically about the right to trial by a jury, and other elements of the Amendment, and it how affects their lives.


How to Apply

Eligible Students Will:


  • Write an essay of no fewer than 800 words about your opinion on the importance and efficacy of the 7th Amendment and how it affects your life. Consideration for the entirety of the Amendment (rather than the well-known nutshell explanation of the right to trial by jury) is encouraged.
  • Email their essay as a .doc or .pdf attachment to
Who Can Apply 
Any high school senior accepted to attend a four-year university by the time of the award, or full time student attending a four-year university in the United States who carries a 3.0 cumulative GPA may apply.
When is the Deadline to Apply?
Students must submit entries by November 30th to be considered for the spring semester award given in January. To be considered for the fall semester award given in September, students must submit by July 30th.
Please direct all questions to

Supporting STEM Scholarship

from, from B&G Refrigeration in Jacksonville, FL, offers an annual scholarship for spring and fall semesters to benefit students involved in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) focused fields of study.  We hope to encourage our youth to pursue these areas of study in order to cultivate college graduates who are prepared to work in fields which enhance the economy and complement our own business industry.

We believe filling STEM jobs with talented young professionals is a critical factor in ensuring the long-term success of America’s global economy. We are a member of the STEM Coalition, and believe that our nation must improve the way our students learn science, mathematics, technology and engineering and that the business, education, and STEM communities must work together to achieve this goal. 


Award Description for the Supporting STEM Scholarship

An award of $1000, split evenly between fall and spring semester, will be sent to the office of Financial Aid of the winning applicant's institution where funds will be disbursed. The award funds may be used for tuition, books, food, or any other school-related cost at the winning scholarship applicant’s discretion.


Eligibility Requirements for the Supporting STEM Scholarship

In order to apply for the Supporting STEM Scholarship from, potential applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • The applicant may be a high school senior providing certified proof of enrollment at a four-year accredited U.S. university.
  • The applicant must provide transcripts proving a cumulative minimum of 3.0 unweighted GPA.
  • The applicant must maintain full-time enrollment of 12 credit hours or more per term.
  • The applicant must be in a declared major in line with science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields of study.
  • The applicant must demonstrate passion for the STEM field of study, strong moral character, and leadership ability by answering a short questionnaire with a 150 word minimum answer requirement per question. (Longer responses are encouraged)
  • Applicant must reside and be declared as a U.S. citizen.
Deadline: 7/31/18

Image result for Redfin Scholarship

Scholarship Details

This $2,500 scholarship is a way for Redfin to help one student on his or her journey through higher education.

DEADLINE: January 31, 2018

Answer the following question in 300-500 words:

Technology and big data are disrupting nearly every facet of our lives. Amazon disrupted the retail industry, Uber disrupted the taxi industry, and Redfin has disrupted real estate. What industry do you think will be disrupted next, and why?


*The essay prompt is subject to change each application period without notification.

Apply Here


How to Apply

The scholarship application period will occur twice yearly with awards delegated in both the Spring and Fall. The Spring application period is from November 1-January 31 of each year. The Fall application period is from May 1-July 31 of each year. Complete the following form within the designated application periods.


  • Legal U.S. resident
  • Eighteen years of age or older
  • Graduating high school senior or current freshman, sophomore, or junior in college attending an accredited university or college
  • Cumulative, unweighted GPA of 3.5 or above on a 4.0 scale

Entry is subject to the official rules and conditions. As further set forth in the official rules, your entry grants us full permission to republish and otherwise freely use your entry materials and your name and likeness in order to promote Redfin, its subsidiaries, or other third parties. No purchase is necessary and no fees are required to enter.

Judging Criteria

Essays will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • 50% = Thoughtfulness of response
  • 40% = Quality of composition
  • 10% = Grammatical accuracy