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JUNE 24–AUGUST 4, 2018


Preparing students for a life of service through an education in critical Black and ethnic studies, self-governance, and community living.





What Is TASS?

The Telluride Association Sophomore Seminar is a challenging six-week summer program organized around self-governance and a college-level seminar on critical Black and ethnic studies. Throughout the summer, students attend seminar every weekday led by two university professors and critically study the histories and cultural experiences of people of African descent and other topics that address diversity in society. TASS seminars emphasize group discussion rather than lectures. Seminar

discussion and essay writing allow the faculty and students to engage the material in detail and to form a close community of scholars that helps inform community self-governance. Throughout the program, students receive written and oral feedback from faculty to help them develop their writing and critical-thinking skills. Students emerge from the academic experience of TASS understanding the demands of collegiate writing and having received one-on-one direction from experienced scholars.


How to Apply

We accept applications at


African American high school sophomores, high school sophomores from other historical minorities, as well as high school sophomores with an interest in critical Black and ethnic studies and related fields are especially encouraged to apply. You need not have prior academic experience in this field.


The application requires essay responses because we want to learn more about your personal and academic interests and abilities. With a large sample of your best work, we will be able to make our decision based upon who you really are, not on just your grades.


Applications must be submitted online or postmarked by January 9, 2018


Students who are selected for interviews will be notified in early March. These students will be asked to submit a transcript, a recommendation form filled out by a teacher or counselor, and a paper written for class. Further instructions will be given with the notification. Applicants selected as finalists are interviewed in March and April. Final admissions decisions are made in late April. Please contact our office if you or your parents have any questions.


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LEDA is a national, not-for-profit organization dedicated to identifying and developing the academic and leadership potential of exceptional public high school students from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Each year, LEDA recruits 100 exceptional high school students who show leadership potential but may lack the exposure and support needed to attend and succeed at highly competitive colleges and universities.
LEDA students will attend the Aspects of Leadership Summer Institute, an intensive seven-week program and completely free of charge for LEDA Scholars. It includes leadership training, academic writing instruction, standardized test preparation, college guidance, and community building. The Summer Institute provides LEDA Scholars with a unique range of learning experiences that help them develop and sharpen their problem-solving skills and open the door to reaching their potential as students and leaders. It’s what we call Leadership for the Common Good.


Socioeconomic Background:

  • Students must be from low-income backgrounds. Eligibility is assessed individually based on the composition and income of a student’s family.
  • Students who will be first-generation college students are given particular consideration.
  • Students must be U. S. citizens, Permanent Residents, or have been granted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status.


Personal Attributes:

  • Demonstrated leadership abilities
  • Intellectual curiosity and devotion to study
  • Hunger to learn and achieve academically
  • Ethics, integrity, and strength of character


Academic Qualifications:

  • Be a junior in a public high school (11th grader) at the time of applying
  • Have an unweighted cumulative GPA of at least 3.6 and class ranking within the top 10% of the high school class
  • A record of enrollment and success in the most rigorous courses available to the student, e.g., honors, AP, IB, dual credit, or concurrent enrollment courses
  • Exceptional analytical reading and writing skills, demonstrating preparedness for selective colleges and universities
  • Scores above the national average on the PSAT, SAT, PLAN, and/or ACT


LEDA reserves the right to consider all applications on a case-by-case basis and may take additional personal and academic factors into account when making final admission decisions.


The LEDA Scholars program is free for all students admitted.


Successful applicants must complete a rigorous, multi-tiered application process, mirroring the admissions process for highly selective colleges and universities. To start or continue your application, click here.


If you have any questions about LEDA’s recruitment and admissions process that is not answered on our website, please contact us at


Deadline to apply is 12/12/17


JUNE 24–AUGUST 4, 2018



UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND - College Park, Maryland



A free educational experience for high school juniors


Preparing students for a life of service through an education in critical inquiry, self-governance, and community living.


Who Attends TASP?

The Telluride Association selects students who are thoughtful, intelligent, and generous with their talents and energies. TASPers come from all walks of life and are uniquely motivated by their own measures of success while demonstrating a keen sense of community responsibility.


TASP is Completely Free!

We believe so strongly in the value of the TASP experience that we cover all the program costs—tuition, books, room and board, and field trips—in order to eliminate all financial barriers for you to participate. If needed, we can also help pay for all of your travel costs to and from the program. We recognize that you may be expected to work a job, take care of younger siblings, and shoulder all sorts of other responsibilities over the summer to help your family. We can cover up to $1,500 of these expenses, too! Thanks to the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, we have more funding than ever before to make attending TASP financially possible for everyone. We want the brightest minds at TASP and we won’t let finances be a barrier for you this summer.


How to Apply

High school juniors are invited to apply to TASP. High school juniors from historically underrepresented groups—especially students of color and those from financially disadvantaged backgrounds—are encouraged to apply.


The application requires essay responses because we want to learn more about your personal and academic interests and abilities. We hope you find the experience of writing the essays personally challenging and rewarding. Your application will be judged not only on your demonstrated talents, but also your potential for future development and how TASP can contribute to that development. Applications must be submitted online or postmarked by Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Students who are selected for interviews will be notified in early March. These students will be asked to submit a transcript, a recommendation form filled out by a teacher or counselor, and a paper written for class. Further instructions will be given with the notification. Applicants selected as finalists are interviewed in March and April. Final admissions decisions are made in late April.


We accept applications at


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CAMP CHLA - Health Care Career Exploration

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work as a health care professional? Camp CHLA is your chance to explore these exciting health care careers! Join us for five full days of education, observation and participation in the daily activities of health care professionals at Children's Hospital Los Angeles.


At Camp CHLA, you will:

  • Observe medical procedures and job shadow health care professionals, as they care for patients
  • Participate in skills lab, where you will learn how to take vital signs, perform CPR and acquire other essential skills for the medical field
  • Gain exposure to different career paths by participating in presentations given by medical professionals in various specialties
  • Debrief at the end of each day to reflect and share your experiences with other campers
  • Get a firsthand look at health care through this life-changing opportunity

Important Camp Dates

Camp #1  
June 25-29, 2018

Camp #2 
July 30-Aug 3, 2018


How to Apply for Camp CHLA

  • Applications will open on Friday, January 12, 2018 at 5:00pm.
  • Applications will close when 400 applications have been received or on Friday, January 20, 2018 at midnight, whichever comes first complete.
  • Only the first 400 applications submitted will be reviewed.
  • All accepted applicants will be notified by April 6, 2018.

Only current freshmen, sophomores, or juniors in high school are eligible to apply. Students will be chosen based on their completed online application, essay, and letter of recommendation. If you have attended Camp CHLA before, you are not eligible to re-apply. If selected, you will only be able to attend one camp session. On your online application, you will have the option of providing your first and second choice for dates. If you do not have a preference, you will be able to choose "No Preference." If you are unavailable for one of the dates, you will be able to choose "Not Available."

Since we are closing the applications after 400 have been received, we suggest that you start working on your application before it opens online. Here are a few things you can do to prepare in advance:

  1. Think about who you would like to write your recommendation
    Once the applications open online, you will need to email the electronic recommendation to your teacher or counselor to complete. Please make sure that the person you choose to write your recommendation has access to email and is aware of the deadline and your interest in applying to Camp CHLA.
  2. Research different health careers
    In your application, you will have the option of choosing your top three professions and units you would like to shadow. Here is the list of available careers you can shadow during Camp CHLA.
  3. Write your essay
    • Please describe your career interests and how you would benefit from attending Camp CHLA. (200-250 words)
    • What would you consider your most important achievement and why? (max. 200 words)
    • Why should you be selected to attend Camp CHLA? (max. 100 words)

Tuition/Fees for Camp CHLA

There is no charge to attend Camp CHLA. We sincerely thank the California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development for the Health Careers Training Program Grant, the generous donors who have underwritten Camp CHLA and also the Children's Hospital Los Angeles staff for their support and continual dedication.


Camp Attendance

Participants are expected to take part in all Camp CHLA activities.  If your application is accepted, please ensure that your work, personal or school schedules will not conflict with Camp CHLA.



Participants will need to provide their own transportation to and from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. For eligible participants taking public transportation, reimbursement may be available. Parking validations will be provided to students who drive.


Frequently Asked Questions for Camp CHLA

See our list of FAQs.

See our flyer with additional details.



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Summer Scholars

Program Date: June 23 – July 7, 2018


Summer Scholars participants spend two intense weeks in one of 20 exciting programs of study. We keep the classes small and personal attention from Notre Dame faculty high. The coursework is a true preview of college academics—it is both rigorous and rewarding, and students earn one college credit upon the completion of a program track. Students collaborate on coursework outside designated class times, as they would in any college setting. There is also ample time to enjoy the social facets of college life, especially those unique to Notre Dame.


Eligibility and Application Requirements

We welcome high school students who meet the following criteria to apply to Summer Scholars:

  • Current sophomores and juniors (will be rising juniors and seniors)
  • Strong academic standing with solid extracurricular activities
  • At least 16 years old by or on August 1, 2018
  • Qualified applicants must be self-motivated, self-disciplined, and demonstrate a high level of maturity. In addition, applicants must express a sincere desire to be part of the Notre Dame community while they are participating in the program.


Application Requirements

Interested students must submit an online application, a high school transcript, a counselor report, and a letter of recommendation from a high school teacher. Standardized test scores (SAT, ACT, or PSAT) are strongly encouraged to enhance a student's Summer Scholars application, but they are not required.

Please have the following items prepared before you begin your application process:

  • High school guidance counselor name and email address*
  • High school recommending teacher’s name and email address*
  • An electronic copy of your standardized test scores (you may scan a copy of your score report and upload it in the online application when instructed to do so);  
  • Major credit card for payment of $52.25 application fee (includes online processing fee)


*Supplemental documentation is required to complete your application. Our office will send an auto-email to your counselor requesting a transcript, counselor report, and school profile. Our office will also send an auto-email to your recommending teacher requesting their recommendation. Please speak with your recommending teacher and obtain their approval before you add your teacher's contact information to your application. Please read the application instructions very carefully and follow up with your counselor and teacher to confirm their receipt of the auto-emails.


Applications and all supporting documents must be submitted by February 5, 2018, but the financial aid deadline is January 29th.


Note: Files will be reviewed once all application materials are received.


Lear more HERE


Click Here to Apply to Summer Scholars!


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Office of Pre-College Programs at or (574) 631-0990



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The USC Bovard Scholars program helps high-achieving students with financial need gain admission to and succeed at the nation’s top universities.

Support is available to high-achieving rising high school seniors (current juniors).  Through expert admissions and financial aid assistance, comprehensive test preparation and personalized career exploration experiences, we aim to transform lives and build a new, diverse generation of dynamic leaders.


  • Junior in high school (11th grader) at time of application
  • Currently hold a 4.0 GPA or above
  • Enrolled in Algebra II, Trigonometry or above
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Have taken advanced placement/international baccalaureate courses, if offered 

We offer the program at no cost to students or familiesUSC will pay for transportation to and from campus for students coming from outside of Southern California.


2018 Program – Important Dates

February 16, 2018 – application deadline

April – USC Bovard Scholars selected

July 15-August 4 – three-week residential summer program on USC campus

Fall 2018 – Work with your admissions coach as you complete your college, financial aid and scholarship applications

Spring 2019 – Coaches are available to you as needed to help with the decision-making process


Apply @


See the source image



We offer precollege programs for talented high school students. Experience the excitement of college life, take college courses with renowned faculty, and enjoy an "unforgettable, life-changing summer."


Admissions decisions for all programs are made on a rolling basis, which means that we will review and act on complete applications as they are received. Because the majority of our programs fill to capacity before the deadline, it is to your advantage to apply as early as possible.


Online applications open in mid January. Sign up for our e-mail list to be notified when the system is opened.


Program dates
Three-week, session 1 June 23—July 14, 2018
Three-week, session 2 July 15—August 4, 2018
Five-week program June 30—August 4, 2018
Six-week programs June 23—August 7, 2018
Architecture, RABS, Dual Programs June 23—August 4, 2018
Non-credit Robotics Program June 30—14, 2018

Admissions application deadlines
Research Apprenticeship in Biological Sciences (RABS) March 9, 2018
For all other programs May 4, 2018

Financial aid deadlines
Research Apprenticeship in Biological Sciences (RABS) March 9, 2018
For all other programs April 6, 2018


Please review the financial aid section of our website. Completed financial aid applications with the required materials must be in our office by the deadlines above. You will need to allow for adequate mailing time to meet these deadlines. No financial aid applications will be processed after the deadline.


Apply @ 


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USC Summer Programs extends a tradition of excellence to outstanding high school students (grades 10-12) through unique 4 and 2 week summer courses. Accepted students to the USC Summer Programs will balance academic and campus life as they prepare for college in the nation’s entertainment center – Los Angeles, California. Learn more about USC Summer

2018 Summer Programs Application


Deadline: Friday, April 27, 2018


Mercy College

High School Leadership Academy

Apply for Summer 2018


Students participate in active learning lessons led by faculty and leaders from top companies. Topics include: Career Mindset, Four Leadership Archetypes, Personal Branding, Careers in Finance, Careers in Accounting and Careers in Marketing.


For High School Juniors with:

  • Cumulative, weighted GPA above 90
  • Demonstrated Leadership Skills
  • Excellence in Public Speaking
Four sessions to choose from:
  • June 10 - June 16
  • June 24 - June 30
  • July 8 - July 14
  • July 22 - July 28
The majority of the Academy events take place at our Westchester Campus located in Dobbs Ferry, NY. Students also spend a day visiting our Manhattan Campus and Fortune 500 companies. Tuition and board are provided to students for free. A fee of $300 is required to cover the cost of food. Travel to and from the program are not covered either.
Email Or Call 914.674.7482 for more information.
NO DEADLINE – students are accepted on a rolling basis.
Find Opportunities @ 
Kaiser Permanente Volunteer Application